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Discover more about yourself and your destiny path using the ancient science of Numerology.



Discover more about yourself and your destiny path using the ancient science of Numerology. Your name and date of birth is no accident of fate. Numerology dates back to the ancient Greeks and is based on the science of numbers. Your name and date of birth using various formulae will determine a great deal about you, your life path, character, talents and personality as well as any challenges to be faced throughout your life.

Self-Awareness Numerology Coaching

Self-Awareness Coaching

Rosie has over twenty five years’ experience using Numerology and recently developed her own Programme of Numerology Coaching. Passionate about helping people became more aware of their personal life journey and develop more of their potential she offers for the individual 1-1 personal Coaching sessions which can be taken in person, Skype or by Telephone, Group Presentations, Introduction to Numerology Workshops and Train to be a Coach Courses for those interested in becoming a Numerology Coach.

>Numerology Talks

Numerology Talks

Rosie’s experience in Numerology makes her highly sought as a speaker on the subject. If you wish to book Rosie for your Meeting, Event or Group, lunchtime or evening then please contact her to discuss your requirements. Please note that all expenses for travel and/or overnight accommodation if required will be added to the set speaking fee.

Numerology Workshop

Numerology Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about Numerology? Then this Introduction Workshop is the place to begin. You will use your own name at birth and date of birth to produce your own Numerology Profile. Monthly Day or Evening Workshops are scheduled to start from January 2016; refreshments and lunch will be included in the course fee. If you’re interested in joining me on the next Introduction to Numerology Workshop please contact Rosie for further information and to book your place.

Numerology Coach

Become a Numerology Coach

This One day Workshop is aimed at individuals, Therapists, Coaches and Trainers interested in becoming a Numerology Coach. There are no prerequisite requirements necessary other than to have a professional approach to your work and enjoy helping people. If you are unable to attend the course in person we can provide the course in a digital format. For further information and prices please contact Rosie.

Numerology Background

Although Numerology has been with us for thousands of years the early Egyptians, Babylonians and other ancient civilizations all recognized the power of numbers. A Greek philosopher named Pythagoras who lived around 500BC is responsible for modern day Numerology. Unfortunately no recorded data was left by him and we are reliant on what later Philosophers attributed to him. Pythagoras was also a believer in past and future lives and that our soul is on a journey of learning that would test us and expand our consciousness to realise more of our potential as individuals.

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